Video Marketing Real Videos for Real Clients

Want to create an online video for your business? Creation Gates offers video marketing services for companies.

Our Internet video marketing services provide companies with video production, optimization and promotion. Video marketing allows companies to communicate their message in one deliverable on multiple levels: imagery, the spoken word, and text, while reaching a huge audience with minimal expense and the shortest amount of time.

  • Videos help sell your product, service or business
  • Increase your website’s conversion rates
  • A distributed online video has tremendous reach
  • Can be targeted to your specific audience
  • Re-energize your company’s dull and boring website
  • Very helpful for branding and customer loyalty
  • Helps you to market and sell your products in a convincing way
  • An eye catching way to sell your product or service and grab your visitor’s attention

What Great Video Marketing Includes

Competitor differentiators
what makes your company stand out from your competitors?
strong guarantees can help turn a viewer into a customer.
show off the work you’ve done and the happy customer you’ve made!
Company history
personalize your brand and create authenticity.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Easy consumption
Appealing to the senses
Engages the emotions
Allows for easy re-purposing of content